Stûv Models Available in the United States

The Stûv 30-compact

The optimal stove

Because of its smaller combustion chamber, the Stûv 30-compact is perfectly suited to the smaller and very well insulated homes of today. Most of the stoves found on the market are too big. Consequently, these stoves are too powerful and are not used efficiently: because they burn slowly, their performance decreases and their combustion is not as clean.

The Stûv 30-compact H

A masonry heater

The Stûv 30-compact H can be fitted with an accumulator unit which stores part of the heat produced by the combustion of wood. This accumulated energy will continue to dissipate for several hours after the fire has died out to prolong the sensation of heat and well-being.

The Stûv 16 - cube

Sober lines

Wood burning stoves that are both sober and pure of line and emphasize the viewing of the flames. Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 16-cube the ideal wood heating solution whether as your main or supplemental heating or simply for pleasure.

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The Stûv 16-H (High) Cube

Logs Always Within Reach

The H Model has storage below for wood.

The Stûv 16-IN (Insert) Cube

Fire in its purest form

Clean line inserts showcasing the flames to perfection. The Stûv 16 in are EPA certified. Fancy an XXL fire? This is exactly what you’ll get with the Stûv 16-in, with its panoramic view of the flames.